The Challenges Of 20th And 21st Century Architecture And Architects

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Isaiah S. Rogers
McCorkle, Cherylee
English, 4th period
20th & 21st Century Architecture and Architects
Architects draw and design buildings, houses, factories, offices, and other more specific kinds of buildings. They spend a lot of their time working in an office where they draw up plans and work with engineers and other architects.They also visit construction sites to look over the development of projects to insure that their customers’ wants and needs are met. In the year 2014 almost one in every five architects were self employed.
There are usually three main steps to become a legally licensed architect you, first you must complete degree in architecture, second you have to have experience with a paid internship and you must have your bachelor's degree. For an average architect the yearly salary is about $77,000 but this number is very flexible, it can vary from $60,000 to $120,000. Architects might have problems with customers because the customer was not clear on what they wanted or the architect did not fully understand what the customer had to explain to the architect. Another problem is the time allotted for the project to be finished maybe too short for the architect to finish in time. …show more content…

Architects work overtime especially when they have tight deadlines to finish projects. From year 2014 to the year 2024 employment of Architects employed and self-employed is predicted to grow seven percent. If you want to be an architect you have to be ready to work long hours under a deadline, you must be able to draw intricate blueprints and models of buildings or structures, you must be able to supervise construction at noisy charity and really busy construction

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