The Challenges Of A Manager

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During this era of uncertainty for many organizations, management has many challenges to contend with. One of the biggest challenges that a manager has today is increasing revenue, the bottom line dictates most company’s goals. A company has to be competitive in order to thrive, and continue to generate revenue if they are going to be in business. If they are publically held, then they have to answer to Wall Street. With the right leadership, a company can reach its goals if it is equipped with leadership that understands what is needed to reach the goals, and they are equipped to implement the necessary controls that will lead to success. During these tumultuous times, the leader needs to have the ability to build teams that can work together toward a goal. The management team should be proactive, instead of reactive. This can be accomplished by hiring managers who know the industry, and the trends. These same managers will have the ability to address market changes, and be familiar with the alternatives to reach the corporate goals.

1. Present an overall description of what management entails and how it is properly implemented. Management is the role delegated to leaders of an organization with the main task to attain the established goals set by an organization, and to complete the task in an efficient and effective manner. In order for a manager to achieve the goals set, they will need to utilize the four functions of management which include, planning,…
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