The Challenges Of Intercultural Communication

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According to my experiences and different sources of theories, the challenges aside from languages which we have faced in communicating with people from a different country are dialects and complicated term, nonverbal languages, and languages disabilities. The first challenge we have confronted in communication with people from a different country is dialects. Each country consists of several regions which might have diverse dialects and complex terms, consequently it is difficult for non-native person, who don’t completely understand that languages to interpret the real meaning. Therefore, dialectical diversity can be a cause of misunderstanding and gaps between communication. Another barrier aside from different languages communication is …show more content…

Based on today’s lesson on Intercultural Communications, what theories can you apply to describe the reasons for the challenges described in question 1? What can you do to overcome these challenges? Theory that we apply to describe the reason for the challenges in dialects and complicated terms is Power distance index of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions theory. Due to the fact that some countries might have their cultural communication which might use different words or terms to communicate with others who are older and owning higher positions, it is crucial for non-native people to understand the real meaning because a sentence can be spoken in different levels such as adult and children level, boss and employees level, and …show more content…

Identifying at least four sub-cultures or cultural differences within Thailand. Based on what you have learned from today’s lesson on intercultural communication, what can you apply to these sub-cultures or cultural differences found within Thailand. You may even want to expand upon this by thinking about the cultural differences between class sections, class years, and Mahidol University faculties. Thais are generally avoid conflict to save face of the other person. Juniors should not create conflict, disagree or

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