The Challenges Of Writing And Writing

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The biggest problem/challenge I had in my life was to learn how to read and write. Reading was somewhat hard to me because I knew how to read but my speech was not good. I never could write as well as the others and until this day, my handwriting still looks like I was still in kindergarten learning how to write. Trying to write an essay is still challenging to me. What may take some two days to finish an essay, takes me a week or maybe more. I never understood why the other kids could read aloud better than I could and could write better than I could write.
Due to me not being able to read aloud, I always cried whenever the teacher asked me to read aloud in front of the class because I knew I could not do it. I always thought that the teacher was making fun of me and wanted to embarrass me in front of everyone but later in life, I realized that they were only trying to help me. I am still not over my fear of reading in front of the class because I am still a little slow when it comes to reading aloud but I am much better at reading than I was in elementary and high school.
My writing until this day still looks like a kindergartener has written my paper. No matter how hard or how long I sat at home or school and try to get my handwriting decent, it never was. Writing essays in high school never was easy; the teacher could barely read my handwriting and it caused me to get bad grades. It had come to the point where I had to have my mother write my essay for me because of

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