The Changing Face Of Business

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The changing face of business Today 's businesses are run very different from how they ran even fifteen to twenty years ago. Increasingly, businesses today are relying on the ever improving technology market to be able to communicate and contribute from anywhere in the world, and at any time. This progression has enabled employers an ability to source talent without boundaries, shed the traditional office space, utilize open sourced collaboration, and become more dynamic. As the younger generation of employee 's enter the workforce, who were born in this new virtual world of today, we will see a massive rush into the virtual realm of business. However, we still live in a hybrid world today where most businesses and people are still learning how to conduct themselves in this new climate, how to succeed. Doing so takes a fundamental change in attitude and management, but first and foremost one must understand what the differences are. What makes a business virtual or traditional? First and foremost a typical difference between virtual and traditional businesses is their distribution of employees. In a traditional office setting, all employee 's come into the office every day, they all live in the same general area or city, and they interact primary face to face in their collaboration. They use technology to ease the complexity of tasks and to organize themselves, however do not use it to exchange ideas, innovate, discuss action, and collaborate. In a virtual
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