Essay on The Changing Role of the Supernatural in the Bible

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The Changing Role of the Supernatural in the Bible

- The changing role of the supernatural in the bible Almost every religious scripture references to experiences of supernatural phenomenon by holy men and women. The Bible is no exception .The bible in both forms The Exodus, the old Testamant and the Luke in the new Testament is concerned primarily with the existence of god , the nature of god, the relationship of god with his creratures , primarily humanity. Gods role in the history and creation of the world in essence in the Bible is about the supernatural , god being conceived as a supernatural deity separate and existing from the natural creation. The supernatural phenomena in the Bible are the actions taken by this
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Moreover he id perceived as a jealous God and also a god of war. In another of his visions to Moses, God displays the desire to be the law giver, “I will execute judgment I am the lord”(Exodus, 12:12). A further example of god’s want to be obeyed as a ruler is another vision to the people of Israel where god says “if you listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your god, and do what is right in his sight, and give heed to his commandments and keep all his status, I will not bring upon you the diseases
I brought upon the Egyptians”, God is threatening the people to obey him. These supernatural visions are used to install fear in the hearts of the people. Not only do the supernatural phenomena embed fear in the hearts of the Israelites, god uses these supernatural phenomena to make the Egyptians undergo tremendous suffering. In Exodus 10.1 god tells Moses “go to the pharaoh I have made him obdurate, so that you can tell your children and grandchildren the story how I toyed with the Egyptians, and what signs I showed among them. Thus you will know I am he lord”
Subsequently the exodus describes graphically Egyptians being made to suffer such horrifying trials such as he killing of all their firstborn, a pogrom executed with great precision and dexterity by biblical god personally who defines himself on the basis of these very acts of murder and infanticide. Therefore it is through such supernatural phenomena that fear of his prophet. The supernatural
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