The Characteristics Of Bureaucratic Written By Max Weber's Bureaucracy

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Bureaucracy written by Max Weber described the ideal type of bureaucracy which included the management of organizations, hierarchical structures and procedures of training for public servants. The ideal type of bureaucracy involves meeting the demands of public officials by following the technical rules ordered by laws and regulations and public policy. Further, Weber described the importance of including “bureaucratic management” that meets the demands of public service with efficiency and coordination, but also by fulfilling the rules of jurisprudence. The characteristics of bureaucracy entails the specific duties that modern public officials and servants must satisfy in order to work for an administrative office. The importance of not including the traditional forms of capitalism in the government is argued by Weber. The inclusion of hierarchical authority and organizational structure is according to Weber the ideal method that of officials should be willing to form. The development of new bureaucratic structures in public offices would be designed to fulfill the duties of officials with the principles established in modern management. Officials will have the duty to separate public service from possession of public money in order to meet the condition of modern business. The management of public office would be formed for the specialized modern training of officials. Weber argues “These rules require knowledge (involving jurisprudence, administrative, or business management) which officials learn through special training” (p. 64). The inclusion of modern forms of management in public offices will impact public administration with the regulation new administrative acts. The training of officials with a high level of working capacity is required by the new forms of bureaucracy in public offices. The special examination of employment is a prerequisite for individuals interested in working by the government. Similarly, officials would be required to take an oath before entering to the office with the sole purpose of making a commitment to be accountable and meet the actions specified in the new forms of management. The protection of modern officials is mentioned by Weber in his descriptions of bureaucracy.
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