The Characteristics Of Postmodernism In Popular Media

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Roman Volcan
ENGWR - D. Weinshilboum

Mr. Right - postmodernism in popular media.

The prevalent literary movement of our day and age is postmodernism. And the traits that characterize postmodernism really shine through in popular entertainment, where to I turn to make my argument. Looking back at the earlier times, we can see the literary movements that characterized periods of time, and their effect on public consciousness. The literary movements such as modernism, realism, and romanticism, forbearing to mention the others, give us an insight into the public consciousness, and how the peoples world view affected their actions. In this essay I will examine a film for the traits of postmodernism that reflect the collective psyche of our time, and the influence of postmodernism in our present reality. The film that I'm going to dissect for postmodern traits is Mr. Right. This film follows an ex-government agent turned rogue, who is a hitman killing the people who are trying to hire him, and a borderline young lady who falls in love with this sociopath. The three main postmodern traits that I will highlight from Mr. Right are the mixing of genres, lack of centralized concepts, and protagonist shift to antihero. Whereas the pop culture had defined genres for the media before postmodern era, now the mix of genres is the new norm. And the main reason that the media has a mix of a wide variety of genres is to cater to a wider audience, rather than a smaller group
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