The Cheesecake Factory Experience

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HAMG 1321
Professor Borrello
November 20, 2015
I personally don’t like to eat out much. I only go out and eat when there are any special occasions. The last time I went out eating was with my boyfriend on our first anniversary. We went to The Cheesecake Factory which is also on of my favorite places to dine in.
The Cheesecake Factory is very familiar with everyone now. This place is famous for their cheesecakes as well as the diversity of food to choose from. The Cheesecake Factory was established in the 1940s by Oscar and Evelyn Overton. Mrs. Overton personally made baked cheesecakes in the basement of their home for the best local restaurants. In 1972 they moved their business to Los Angeles, California where they …show more content…

I think anyone can do that, no need to depend on any person. So in case if it was really busy, a single person cannot prepare cheesecake for all the customers in the same time, others can help. Besides, I believe ethics are a collection of principles and practices that a business believes in and aims to live by. The Cheesecake Factory’s mission statement and more specific policies about conduct to give employees, partners, vendors, and outsiders an idea of what the corporation stands for and how it’s staff should conduct themselves. Key areas that are of significant importance to The Cheesecake Factory start with the general standards of conduct in how all its employees will be treated by fellow employees and by management. The standards deals the basic values that we all have, with the expectation of building trust, loyalty, honesty, respect, and a high level of professionalism within the company. This will create a positive working environment that will uplift the attitudes and morale of its employees and depending on what your position is could increase productivity and customer relations. All jobs have a certain amount stress related to it, but having those basic codes of the takes away a lot the negative personal stress that can arrive on the job.
In conclusion, I still consider The Cheesecake Factory is my favorite place to eat. Even though I had a bad experience there once, I think that they can improve it better.

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