Essay on The Chemistry of Singual Atomized Materials

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Steel: (for all intents and purposes) was invented in 1855 by Henry Bessemer(Mary Bellis). Science the amazing innovation that has changed the world incredible things have been made from the material from bridged cables and cross beams to arresting wires on aircraft carriers that stop monumental force and speed. It is truly an amazing martial, but eventually it snaps, breaks or tears due to the separation of the molecules. Also steel is not the most flexible material there is which may sound good for what it is used for, construction. You wouldn’t want the floor to shift from under but, what about in areas that have a consent threat of earthquakes having a material that is rigid when needed and flexible when needed would be an invaluable …show more content…

So why don't we use the silk for, well, every thing? The answer is simple they spin 65 yards in a day which may sound like no problem 65 yards is a lot but considering that the strand of silk is pi / 4 * diameter^2 ( Ed Nieuwenhuys, Leo de Cooman), in other words incredibly small. To put it in perspective a man named Simon Peers created a 11 foot by 4 foot tapestry entirely of spider silk, yes it is seriously strong but it took four years to make it, which consists of 96 twisted lines and 960 spider silk lines and thousands of spiders were used to make it, so yes as a material it is amazing and crazy strong but to produce it would be a nightmare. Thankfully there are advances in science that are helping the research to come ever closer to being able to actually harvest spider silk by splicing the silk gene and putting it into goats the goats are then able to breed as to only one half will inherent the gene and then on top of that they have to be nanny goat to produce milk, which is then drained strained and put into alcohol which is turned into the thread that can be used which also is not very much(Lisa Zyga). Science is also considering adding the gene to an algae that can also be harvested to hopefully reap a larger amount of thread fibers which can then be braided together to form a thread. Next in the search of replacement for the 'all mighty steel god would be a new

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