The Circulatory System And The Human Body Essay

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Composed of various systems, the human body exists as a complex and sophisticated machine that carries out intricate tasks, crucial for life. The most vital of these is the circulatory system. The combination of the heart, lungs, arteries, and veins make up this highly important system. Transporting nutrients and oxygen to tissues and organs, while also discarding waste products remain the main purpose. Three separate systems, the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and systemic all work together with the sole intention of circulating blood and nutrients through the body. Through the beating of the heart, circulation to the lungs, and transportation of oxygen rich blood throughout the body, each human being has the ability to inhale and exhale effortlessly, while our body works efficiently to complete the essential task of the circulatory system. The circulatory system works in a cycle that repeats itself sixty to one hundred times a minute. A single complete heartbeat makes up one cardiac cycle (Toro).
Functioning as a rapid delivery system, bringing molecules of nutrients and oxygen to each cell, and enabling the diffusion process are the roles of the circulatory system. Through blood vessels, moved by the internal pump, the heart, blood carries molecules of nutrients and oxygen. In both systemic and pulmonary circuits, veins move blood towards the heart, while arteries transport blood away from the heart. Also entitled the blood circulatory system, the cardiovascular system

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