The City Has Gotten A K9 Dog

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Recently the city has gotten a K9 dog which was funded off all donations. The city has always been supportive of the department and I believe that it is because of the relationships that Kevin and the department pushes to establish.

With the school district being a huge part of Marion, I thought that it would be useful to get the priorities and beliefs of a member of the school board. The board is made up of 9 members. In Marion there are two schools, the high school and the elementary school. This board oversees and makes decisions pertaining both of the schools in the district. With almost everyone in community having some sort of relation be a part of one of the school, this board can play a large role in the community The was able to get an interview with the vice president of the school board, Robert Schoen. I asked him the same five questions to analyze his belief and priorities. He responded to the first questions by telling me that he thought the most important thing for him in the town was to make sure that every kid has a safe and successful place to grow and get an education. He told me that the kids that leave Marion School District should be prepared for the world and have a good education allowing them to move forward in life. He believes that a good education is one of the most important thing for anyone which is why he wanted to me on the school board. In regards to question two, he told me that one thing he would change is that the enrolment of the school
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