The City Of New York City

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The aroma of food vendors, taxi cabs, and flowers molest the face of a person as they walk the streets of New York City. The rush of a city can often be overwhelming. Even though that may be true, 80.7 percent of the U.S. population lived in urban areas as of the 2010 Census. Living in New York City is better than living in a Haysi. Living in a city offers many more conveniences, opportunities, and more diversity. Living in a city offers many amenities and service that might very well not be available in a rural area. New York City for example, has terrible traffic. A typical commute of five miles can take between seven minutes and two hours in a car. One major advantage to a city, NYC in particular, is their flawless public transportation system. Taking the subway, the commute can be shortened to an average time of ten to fifteen minutes. Take out service is great as well. Imagine it is two o’clock AM, if someone were to wake up hungry, they could call their local takeout restaurant and more than likely, they would be open. Cities have so many grocers as well. Not only do cities have more conveniences, but they also offer more opportunity. 8.406 million Americans call New York City their home. Due to the large population, there is a large diversity. Many different cultures often bring in new opportunity for work that might not have been thought of in the past. Living in a large city such as NYC also means a larger, broader job market. More than likely,

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