The Classroom : A Diverse Group Of Learners

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The classroom I am in hosts a diverse group of learners. To give a background of the classroom dynamics we have five students with IEP’s, six struggling readers, some students with RTI’s leading to IEP’s, problematic student behavior, and gifted students. With a variety of student needs, it seems like the class would be a chaotic and imbalanced environment, but it is not. My cooperating teacher, Mrs. Spitz, has created an environment where students receive the utmost curriculum and support. Since my cooperating teacher operates in a co-teaching environment, she only teaches language arts. Her homeroom is her first half of the day, and she switches with Mrs. Shaffer’s homeroom. While I am in the classroom, Mrs. Shaffer’s homeroom is in Mrs. …show more content…

This creates the train of compliments. I like this closing activity because it shows how everyone can connect to one another, it shows respect, and it establishes a bond between genders. Fourth grade can be a time where students start noticing the other gender and involving themselves. This is a new and sometimes awkward time so this activity normalizes interactions.

One example of the relationships she creates is with a student who has behavioral issues. My cooperating teacher shared with me that this student is currently in foster care. The student unfortunately found himself here because of abuse from multiple family members. Due to his traumatic experiences, he tended to act out when given direction. Some things that triggered these behaviors would be asking him to put away something he wasn’t supposed to have out, transitioning into a different activity, or some interactions with other students. Since these outbursts were interfering with class time my cooperating teacher has worked with others to find a way to decrease and control the interruptions. With trial and error they have come to a strategy that seems to be working well. The student has a clipboard with a Minecraft setting image and three characters. He has two opportunities to get candy. In order for the student to get a piece of candy at the end of the first half of his day and at the end of the second half of his

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