The Power Of Two: Co Teaching In The Classroom

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This report focus on information gathered from observing and interviewing three diverse fieldwork settings: inclusive classroom setting, self-contained classroom setting and community base agency classroom setting. The information was evaluated by the effective implementation policies related to the collaboration and acceptance for all as well as high expectation for learning for each setting. I also made connection from the information with some theories. Based on the information gathered and analyzed I will give some of my suggestions for improvement where possible.
Inclusive Setting
The school I observed encourages a culture and climate that celebrates diversity and students with and without IEP are playing together. During
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Co-teaching also allows more opportunities for small group and one-to-one learning, and stronger modeling during lessons. The teachers work collaboratively when creating lesson plans for the class, and the instructor does not give students different task and the reason for this practice is because the instructor does not want students to work on different task because if someone visits the classroom, they will easily identify the special education students. Therefore, fitting in with the other students and completing the same task is an important way to get them feeling…show more content…
All students in this setting have an IEP, and each child has individual program based on knowledge. The aim is to make students from the routine and direct and negative behavior to functional behavior. The instructors has good communication and work along the parents of each student has a way to get everyone involve. All the recommendations that are made in the classroom are derived from the science and behavioral analysis that is all evidence based and aligned with the New York City standards. The school encourages adequate and daily training for the teachers and they believe successful implementation of the program requires a staff that is willing to learn and implement new information consistently and daily. I notice the instructors use praise to reinforce a student’s good behavior, praise and hand-fives whenever the student does or says the correct thing. There is head special education teacher who creates a lesson or program for each student based upon the student’s academic skills. Upon entering the program, each student is given an assessment test and depending on the result of the assessment test the student will be given a program or lesson based on the result of the assessment. The teacher will go through a set of skills to assess if the student has or does not have
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