The Natural Warming And Natural Causes Of Climate Change

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When we hear the word "climate change" many things popped into our minds. Many people believe that climate change exists and others believe it is all hysterical hype. Whether you believe it or not climate change is real and it affects everyone around the world. Climate change is defined as a change in the average weather. Climate change is natural, however, in the last few hundred years it has been artificially sped up because of the actions humans take every day. Climate change can be caused by various activities such as anthropogenic and natural causes. Anthropogenic causes are the results of human activities, which includes, chemical fertilizer, deforestation, increase in vehicles, industries and the emission of CO2 etc. On the other hand, natural causes are ocean currents, forest fire, volcanic eruptions etc. When climate change occurs; temperatures can rise and when the temperature rises, many different changes can occur in the atmosphere and climate of the Earth. For example, the outcome can be more floods, droughts, extreme rainfall, and severe heat waves. In addition, oceans are getting warmer and becoming more acidic, glaciers are melting to a great extent, and sea levels are rising. We are also seeing a huge change in the season's length like winter season is getting short and summer season is getting long. In some parts of the world, there is a decrease in the snowfall amounts. The natural disasters that we are facing now a day such as earthquakes, storm, thunder,

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