The Coca Cola Company

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These chapters were very insightful. I had learned some of these techniques earlier in my previous classes, but this give me a more in depth look at the various aspects of decisions making. The area on control was more newer to me as we didn 't discuss it thoroughly in class. I only have knowledge of the main aspects of control.

Quiz 12 December The quiz was fairly easy, but I did struggle with question 6 for some unknown reason. It was a very simple question, and I don 't know why I struggled so much with it.

Peer Assessment 12 December I was able to complete all of the peer assessments. As usual I did my best to grade fair and unbiased in order to ensure the proper grading for each student. I was caught off guard because I was so used to just assessing three papers, but it 's okay.

Discussion Forum 14 December On this day I decided to use the Coca-Cola company as my main corporation facing environmental challenges. I lived in Georgia for four years and went to the Coca-Cola factory, it was quite interesting to see how everything works. With this interest in mind, I decided to see the various environmental challenges that the

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