The Code Of Ethics For Educators

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1. If you were Janet, how would you handle the situation?

According to Association of American Educators (1994-2015), “The professional educator maintains sound mental health, physical stamina, and social prudence necessary to perform the duties of any professional assignment.”
Prudence means discreet (careful and circumspect in one 's speech or actions, especially in order to avoid causing offense or to gain an advantage), which in regards to this teacher’s situation, means that if the code of ethics for educators states that if he is careful and abides by all the laws and ethics, it could be okay. If his school has policies to follow that discourage dating a student’s parent, then he would have to stop until he is not that student’s teacher or try to have that student put into another classroom.
I think that Janet is faced with an ethical dilemma because she has to make sure it won’t turn into an unethical issue for everyone to include the student, teacher, and parent and school administration. Janet may have to come up with alternative solutions or tell the teacher not to date until he is no longer that student’s teacher.

2. Which ethical theory or theories support your approach? Why?

Duty ethics could be one ethical theory in this situation because if you are doing the right thing in theory, without have regard for the consequences of the actions, you have to have the proper intention when performing that action.
Jeremy Bentham, who believed in the principles of

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