The Comprehensive School Counseling Model

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I completely agree with this statement. In my internships, it was apparent how easily a classroom of students can go off task. It is much easier to set up your expectations the very first time you step foot into a classroom, maintaining consistency, and as time goes by; accomplish lessons in a more timely, efficient manner. Students seem to behave better if they know what the expectations are from the start.

4. How do you go about deciding what it is that should be taught in your class?
While following the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model (WCSCM), along with the recommendations of the school districts scope and sequence, I plan to employ lessons which fit the criteria, in addition to, resonate with students. At times, I will use trial and error, data, and feedback, as to which lessons have worked and those which aren’t having the desired effect.

5. A parent comes to you and complains that what you are teaching his child is irrelevant to the child 's needs. How would you respond?
At times, parents require education themselves. It can be hard for parents to recognize their child is getting older and may need guidance they are not aware of. Every lesson I present, will follow along with school counseling models, standards, and guidelines designated by the district. Education has changed a lot in the past 20-30 years when most current parents were in school. My objective would be to explain the purpose behind what I am teaching, and the expectations

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