The Computer Science Of Robots

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I have had a deep interest in hands on actives since I was a young boy. Through the Computer science class last year I was introduced to coding. This year all of my loves found a single form, this form is called Robotics. Robotics is the science of robots, you create robots, then program them what to do. This helps the world by making new house hold robots that could do your laundry, or do your dishes, the possibilities are endless. Household inventions are not the only things that robotics help, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) hosts annual competitions that show case the new and most useful military robots. These robots can open doors and complete complicated tasks in a short period of time. Robots come in different shapes and sizes, I will be the one that is engineering the newest and best robots in the future, but first I must know WHAT MATH IS IN MY CAREER. Most Robotics engineers have fair amounts of money and live comfortably. The hourly rates for robotics engineers range from $24.72 to $70.76. Depending on how many hours one works, they make between $51,410 to $147,190 a year. The wages also vary between field and practices, the fields include; Industrial, Domestic/household, Service, Military, Entertainment, Space, and Hobby/competitions. All of these fields have different levels of pay and different tasks and schooling required. If I want to live around Tahoe city the average living prices are a lot steeper then other places. The average
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