The Concept Of Sustainable Design

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The current study resulted in a set of insights to simplify the concepts of LEED certificate, the main elements and sub-elements of the LEED were summarized, in order to apply it to the design courses in accordance with the content of each course. Figure (--) contains the types of certificates of LEED and then projects that can be applied to them with the priority of application on projects. Where the symbol (•) expresses the priority value as follows: "The student is asked to study the functional relationship between the design elements and their relationship within the site layout and the surrounding environment ." this means that this course focuses on the student's understanding of the context surrounding the project, nonetheless at …show more content…

In terms of the fifth level the text of bylaw as follows: (Dealing with large scale projects in urban context that involve composition of buildings, each one to be studied architecturally. Hierarchy of spaces according to size and function. Circulation patterns of pedestrian and cars. Environmental concerns in design within site limitations. The following is the text of the Design 6 bylaw: (Architectural design of complex multi-functional buildings comprising wide span elements, program studies, data collecting and analysis, Realizing Architectural design of complex multi-functional buildings and groups of buildings taking into consideration Internal & external space studies. Visual relations of the group of buildings and their conformity with the general layout and context; the design should compromise major elements having wide structure spans, provision of natural lighting and ventilation. Application of new technologies to enhance design consecutions). The graduation project is divided into the stage of data gathering and analysis of the site in the first semester, while, the second semester is the phase of architectural design and design critique, in both phases the bylaw stipulates that: (Analysis of collected data regarding the proposed site. Analysis and

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