The Concept of Accountability Essay

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Accountability is a subject that ranges through every spectrum of life. From simply knowing your food supply by opening the refrigerator, to knowing the exact amount of ammunition a military convoy has at its disposal, down to each individual round. When we know what the situation is, and hold each person responsible for they're actions in the situation, that is the concept of accountability at its root. If we are not to hold each other responsible for each of our own actions and choices then we will never be able to correct problems and concerns, which will make us fail as a whole because the smallest individual action can account for the gravest of concequences. In this essay I'm going to show how important accountability is in the…show more content…
- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary The defenition given by the Oxford Dictionary of the US Military may seem as if it only takes into account those in leadership positions and billets but that is not the case when it applies to everyday occurances. The ones who personally handle the weaponry, update/alter documents, use funds, and ultimately carry out the orders from above are the primary foundation of the pyramid of accountability. If the person who is in charge of the task, property, document of funds has to pass on these tasks to the people who are actually going to use it then the responsability of accountability in regards to those things becomes temporarly the full responsability of the bearer. He/she must keep the person in charge of him informed of any and all significant changes, especially those that were not predetermined, because those are the situations that are not covered by standard protical and the person in charge must be informed so as to set a protical, temporary or permanent, for that situation. If the bearer of the responsability does not inform his superior then he will have to take the consequences of they're actions, as stated by the Webster's Unabridged Dictionary definition. From the point the account has been passed to the superior, however, the full responsability again returns to him who
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