The Concept of Communication Climates

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Chapter 10: The Concept of Communication Climates Communication climate is the emotional tone of a relationship between two or more individuals. The climate of the whole relationship is shaped by the degree where the people believe they are valued by one another. There are two different levels of message confirmations: confirming communications, which gives positive and conveying values to the person, and disconfirming communication, the one that gives negative messages with lack of regard or value for the other person. With these in mind, the climate starts to develop when two people start to communicate. If their messages are confirming, then the climate is likely to be a positive one, but if it is disconfirming then the climate becomes hostile and cold. These are shown through verbal and non-verbal a message, which grows the climate into a spiral. A spiral is a reciprocating communication patter where each person’s message reinforces the other. A positive spiral is where you give your partner confirming messages, which is usually mutual. A negative spiral is where partners feel worse about each other, which develops into a negative communication climate. In one significant relationship I have with my friend, Kayla, we have a positive spiral, which started when we began to communicate verbally. When we started communicating one on one, the communication climate between us began to grow positively, in a confirming communication manner. Because we are usually together in
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