The Condition Of Higher Education

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The condition of Higher Education in South Asia is one of diverse complications. Most college level universities turn to non-governmental organizations to fund their schools and renovate their buildings. This allows those NGO’s to set general policy, curriculum, tuition fees, and employment policies. Because of the power these NGO’s hold, it can be a game of cards on the quality of education you will receive. Some expensive colleges, while all are quite expensive, could be lacking in the hands-on education you are striving for. This article will explain the status of higher education in the countries of South Asia, the impact of NGO’s and International Assistance Organizations on university-level schooling, and the problems educational…show more content…
Efficiency-wise, this has come to Afghanistan 's benefit. Performance-wise, NGO’s have lost track. International Assistance is typically understaffed, limited in community participation, and lacks coordination with other institutions. In other words, NGO’s don’t work well with others (Tilak 2).
Governments truthfully fear NGO ideology and struggle to hold their political power. Regardless, the Ministry still accepts programs to change educational norms. There is a twelve-year program encouraging all children to be put in schools with equal gender opportunity by the end of that timeline. Unfortunately, not all countries have enough funding to support higher education (Yousuf 1).
In Bangladesh, college education is far less funded than primary education, regardless of NGO interference. This is most likely because of the priorities of the community. Similar to Afghanistan; schools dependent on International Organizations set their own policies, tuition fees, employment policies, curricula, and are unsupervised by the ministry. Just like Afghanistan, quality education is a guessing game (Gupta 42).
NGO’s have not only affected countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but they have supported Pakistan’s educational development. NGO’s started appearing in Pakistan around the time of its independance. They acted as a substitution for governmental efforts to improve educational quality. This gave the
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