The Conflict Between Palestine And Israel

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Throughout this essay you will learn about the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Many factor took place to cause the conflict between Palestine and Israel, such as, the history, where the conflict stands today, why both side have a good argument against one another, and why the attempts at peace have fallen short. The Israel-Palestine conflict has lasted for a longer time than anyone would have expected. The conflict elaborated into a gigantic battle when it could have been an easy solve. Overall, the ongoing conflict should have never gone this far and damaged this many people's lives throughout Palestine and Israel. Many are confused as to why the conflict began in the first. The conflict has been happening for years now with Israel and Palestine fighting over the region of Gaza. The conflict began with a debate over Palestine and Israel disagreeing over which country gets control over what part of the land. The primary approach was to give Palestine the control of the state of Gaza and the West Bank, and leaving the rest of the land to Israel. This plan they came up with was called the “two-state solution” which was supposed to help reduce less conflict. Israel and Palestine could have replaced the “two-state solution” with the “one-state solution” means the would have created a huge Israel or a huge Palestine in that land, which would have caused bigger controversy among the countries. Through the whole conflict many civilians have been injured and killed in the
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