The Conspiracy Theorists, The 1969 Apollo 11

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According to Dave Cosnette and countless other conspiracy theorists, the 1969 Apollo 11 mission never went to the moon and several say never left Earth’s atmosphere. The theories range from the crew never leaving Earth to the crew only getting into the orbit of the moon. Their evidence consists of anomalies found in the footage captured by the crew on the moon as well as in space, technology at the time of the mission, and numerous natural phenomena that the crew would have to overcome to land on the moon. Their arguments depend on low quality video and photographs, along with limited insight due to a lack of credentials and knowledge on the events and physics. Some “evidence” commonly used by conspiracy theorists are the shadows in the film, lack of stars while on the moon, the Van Allen belt, and many more anomalies that may not even be relevant to the mission itself. The conspiracy theory that will be discussed is the one where the mission never left the lower atmosphere of Earth proven by anomalies in the film along with the “impassable” Van Allen radiation belt (Cosnette 1). The “evidence” presented by those who believe that the Apollo missions were a hoax do not hold any water against scientific inquiry. The first piece of evidence to regard is the deadly Van Allen belt. The majority of conspiracy theorists will say that the amount of radiation that the crew would have received while in the belt would have almost instantly killed them. Usually offering

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