The Continuity Of Midwifery Care

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ASSIGNMENT ONE-PART B & C Menke, J., Fenwick, J., Gamble, J., Brittain, H., & Creedy, D. (2014). Midwives ' perceptions of organisational structures and processes influencing their ability to provide caseload care to socially disadvantaged and vulnerable women. Midwifery, 30(10), 1096-1103 8p. doi:10.1016/j.midw.2013.12.015 In this article, the authors explored the continuity of midwifery care using the caseload approach that was established in Queensland. This was to address the development of care for women experiencing inequalities and to improve birth outcomes. The authors objective was to investigate midwife’s responsibilities within their scope of practice when applying a caseload model (Midwifery Group Practice [MGP]). The study was conducted between April and December of 2012, through a qualitative approach by using Donabedian’s theoretical framework. This is used to investigate the quality of the healthcare structure and process which strengthens the study. The participants involved seventeen midwives from MGP, of whom fifteen were in focus group discussions and the remaining two provided written assessment. Midwives were asked to identify whether specific terms were significant to them. The findings were analysed using the Thematic analysis which illustrated that midwives would commonly use terms such as “done a good job’ when caring for a group of vulnerable women. The authors developed themes and shared them
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