Unit 18 Working In A Health Sector

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Unit 18 working in a health sector For this assignment I am going to choose two different job roles and investigate the health care sector. The job roles I have chosen are midwifery and mental health worker. For each job role I am going to explain the following requirements: Education and training Duties Knowledge and understanding Practical skills Personal qualities Midwifery As there are no national minimum academic entry requirements for entry into pre-registration midwifery degrees, each higher education institution running courses sets its own criteria, however, higher education institution usually look for a minimum of five GCSEs at grade C or above which includes English language or literature and a science subject and or either …show more content…

To examine and care for the new born infant and to take all initiatives which are necessary in case of need and to carry out where necessary immediate resuscitation. To care for and monitor the progress of the mother in the postnatal period and to give all necessary advice to the mother on infant care to enable her

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