The Contributions Of The Jacksonian Era

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Andrew Jackson was president for only two terms, but he left behind a legacy that lasted for many years. His legacy lasted so long they named an Era after him, the Jacksonian Era. Andrew Jackson was unlike the presidents before him, and he was considered the first modern president. I agree that the Jacksonian Era was a pivotal period in American History when the role of the Federal Government and the President were redefined. Many changes occurred during the Jacksonian Era like the issue of slavery, women’s rights, multiple reforms, the many panics the United States went through and voting reforms occurred.

During the Jacksonian Era the numbers of free slaves grew rapidly, many of them began to become free but they still lacked the equality they deserved. Andrew Jackson claimed to be against slavery yet he did not support certain abolitionist. Andrew Jackson owned his own slaves, but he believed that slaves should be treated humanely. Slavery redefined the federal government by the measures it had to take when the United States was separated and segregated. During the Age of Jackson many states would decide whether slavery would be permitted or not in their state, many northern states were against and the southern states were for slavery because slaves were their source of income. As the issues grew it separates the nation into two and women began to fight for more equality in African Americans.

Women fought for the equality of African Americans and they succeeded with…

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