The Control Process Steps And Monitoring Performance

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There are four control process steps and they are: establishing standards; training personnel; monitoring performance; and taking corrective action. Each of these four steps play a role in purchasing, receiving and storage of food for my restaurant. These steps need to be looked at when you are running a business because it makes it a lot easier when buying stuff for your restaurant and it gives you rules to set out for people who are doing it. These control process make it clear on what needs to be done and where they need to be done. These processes are all one and without all them there is no control. WE use them to get things done and to make things easier and clearer when you are training and ordering product. Purchasing and …show more content…

These standards are set so that quality standards and developing standard purchasing specifications ensure all foods purchased will be desired to what you ordered. There are also standards set for quantity foods are divided into two categories, perishable and non-perishable. With the perishable food we order enough to last us until our next order day because we don’t want to waste anything or let anything go bad. Non-perishable foods can be order in a larger quantity because they can be kept longer on the shelf and not go bad as soon. When they order the food we have standards set for pricing. We need to buy the proper quality of food for our restaurant based off of price. I have a small little bistro that will not need high quality expensive food because we will never make the money back therefore we won’t be making a profit. Purchasing for the restaurant includes a lot of training. The head chef who has to do all the purchasing was trained in ways to obtain price quotations, they were trained that they could receive them by internet/email, telephone, quotation sheets by email, salespersons, and direct computer links. The chef also needed to be trained how to reorder quantity of foods. They had to learn to follow the equation Amount required for the upcoming period - Amount presently on hand + Amount wanted on hand at the end of the period to last until the next delivery =

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