The Country I Chose To Study Is Japan. I Figured Their

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The country I chose to study is Japan. I figured their culture and society is vastly different than the one that we have here in America. I discovered that it is very different to our culture. It is interesting to learn about other countries, especially high context cultures like Japan. Japan is a high context culture society, meaning that communication is less reliant on only verbal communication. They rely on close relationships and making bonds with people. In a business setting it is important in their culture to have a close relationship with people whom they conduct business with. Greetings are an important part of Japanese culture. Bowing is the equivalent to shaking hands with someone here in America. In a more casual setting a …show more content…

It’s acceptable to talk business right after meeting someone. Business cards play an important role in greeting someone in a business meeting. You should bow and offer them your business card with the Japanese translated side pointing up. Knowledge and learning is important in Japan especially when doing business. If given a business card, you should show that you are interested in it. Taking time to read it and ask questions like how to pronounce the person’s name correctly and what the person does in his or her position. You should treat the business card with respect by putting it in your wallet or shirt pocket. You want to look professional and respectful, showing interest in a person and trying to make a sort of bond is very important.
Body language plays a big role when communicating. Nodding helps let the speaker know that you are listening and comprehending what he or she is saying. You want to avoid being too close to the person you are speaking too, and avoid touching them it’s considered disrespectful. Also prolonged eye contact is considered rude. You should try to make quick eye contact as you communicate, never stare. Hand gestures also can mean different things so avoid talking with your hands and pointing. Silence is a natural form of communication, its normal and you should not feel uncomfortable if you are in that situation. Japanese people tend to use silence when they communicate in a

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