The Country Of Brazil And The City Of Rio De Janeiro

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Poverty and Race in Rio de Janeiro Introduction Within this paper we will be exploring the country of Brazil and more specifically, the city of Rio de Janeiro. The focus of this paper will be the link between poverty and race in Rio. Rio has one of the highest populations in Brazil that currently live in favelas (the slums of Brazil), close to 25 percent and all of these people are currently living below the poverty line. There are many causes of poverty, but there are also many solutions and current initiatives that are currently being implemented by the Brazilian government. While Brazil is an extremely diverse country, the poverty line also happens to mainly be a segregation between races. The poor are marginalized in the city, with their dangerous and less than ideal living conditions and rising living expenses. This includes things from bus fares to health problems; from living in such tight quarters, like the ones in the favela slums, to little to no social security benefits. The rich, on the other hand, are living in the developed areas of the city and do not face these same issues. Most recently there was the summer Olympics in Rio, which managed to shine a very bright light on all of these issues we will be discussing throughout this paper. The Olympics were intended to show Brazil as an upcoming economic player, but managed to do the complete opposite and create a large stage for protestors and activists to speak on the issues happening in Brazil. These

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