The Covenant Of A Covenant

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Covenant is a very important idea in both the Old and New Testament. Important covenants revealed through both Testaments are the Sinai covenant and the crucifixion of Jesus, the new covenant. A covenant includes five fundamental features which help strengthen the notion that a covenant is an eternal promise with God, not a relationship that can be broken resulting in legal repercussions. Firstly, the origin of a covenant will be discussed. Secondly, this paper will shed light on the traits of a covenant. Lastly, this paper will explain how a covenant differs from a contract. Firstly, the theme of a covenant originates in both Judaism and Christianity. The major covenant in Judaism is the Sinai covenant which Yahweh gave to Moses and the …show more content…

The idea of a covenant also originates in the Christian faith, where Jesus is seen as the new covenant in the New Testament. According to Britannica, “[t]he cup of wine at the last supper of Jesus and his disciples is identified in all New Testament sources as the (new) covenant by Jesus himself”( par27). The oath taker and the sacrificial victim are important in covenant traditions. The oath taker is symbolized by the body and bread of Jesus while the sacrificial victims are those who do not fulfill the covenant. The crucifixion of Jesus reveals the new covenant where God declared that he will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and that “[He] will write the law in their minds and write it on their hearts. [He] will be their God, and they will be [His] people,” (English Standard Version, Jeremiah 31:32-33). By inscribing the law in their hearts and minds, his people will not forget their promise to Him. In summary, God instilled a covenant in both Judaism and Christianity in which the Sinai covenant can be seen as the original covenant and Jesus symbolizing the new covenant. Secondly, a covenant includes five traits such as the preamble, historical prologue, the submission, witnesses, and the blessings and curses. The origin of a covenant begins as a treaty between a sovereign nation and a vassal nation which “begins with a name . . . [then] describes the previous

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