The Crime Of The Criminal Justice System

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The Criminal Justice system has become an increasingly popular subject in America due to television, movies, and the media. This is due to crime and punishing crime being romanticized and the population becoming more desensitized. Some of the most appealing shows to the American people are the ones that include criminal investigations. However, the crime television shows that people view on a daily basis is extremely different from the actual Criminal Justice system, especially homicide investigations. Homicide investigations are immensely complex and tedious. They require teams of professionals in their respected fields as well as outside professional opinions. B. Fisher & D. Fisher (2012) state that, “Each element of the criminal investigation- uniformed officers, detective, crime scene specialist, forensic scientist, coroner, forensic pathologist, photographer, prosecutor, defense attorney, plus all the other vital players in the system- must work cooperatively with the other elements to make the entire process work” (p. 24). This paper will explore homicide investigations and some of its surrounding themes. One of the first questions manufactured at the scene of a homicide is “When did this person die?” Determining the time of death is a crucial part of the investigation process, it could possible convict a murderer, falsify an alibi, or exclude a suspect (Lyman, 2014). Determining the time of death of the victim is much more complicated than meets the eye. When the
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