The Critical Factors Of Bojangles Book And Music Company

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The main objective of this research paper is to identify the critical factors of Bojangles’ Book and Music Company. Since moving to the E-commerce business, the case study shows how they can face challenges and how they can achieve the benefits in moving to the E-Commerce business. It is shown here what strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats are there for Bojangle’s Book and music. If BBMC can hire an HR manager then they can easily make the workplace efficient. HR manager can show the employees who are looking for the skills and educations that go beyond experience. It’s hard to find the right people but an HR manager can make it easy. Not every employee has the equal skills, abilities and knowledge. HR manager can show how effectively the employees can work with the skills and knowledge they have. And before hiring what hurdles HR manager needs to take. Introduction The tool that frequently comes up in the business environment, a lot of different businesses actually use them is what we call a Swot analysis and Swot is an acronym for strength, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats. Swot analysis is a tool that a company uses to complete an objective analysis. We don't have to necessarily work for a particular company…show more content…
They will have barriers and they will face challenges. But according to my research I think the BBMC’s strengths and opportunities exceed weaknesses and threats. They can take the challenge to move ahead in the online world. Hiring a good HR manager will help the workers of BBMC to give their best effort in moving to success. They will give their best performance for the company and try to achieve the goals of the organization. To be in this competitive world, and moving to a new business it is normal that a company will face difficulties, but if right planning, communication, employee resistance is there. Nothing can stop them to be on the top of the

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