The Cultural Analysis Of Outdoor Leisure Essay

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Chapter Five: The Cultural Analysis of Outdoor Leisure in the Select Field Cities

1. Introduction

In the last chapter, the development of outdoor leisure practices in the selected cities is in tamed with the transformations of Chinese government economic strategies. With increasing disposable money, overall increased spare time compared with Maoist era, health conscious as well as the negative consequences caused by modernization in terms of high pressure of working condition with high trade-off leisure time, psychic tensions caused by overwhelming highly increase of commodity price against the comparatively slow growth of personal income, and deteriorating urban environment, all these pave a way for necessity for an alternative way of urban living. Meanwhile, confronting with the consecutive seven years slow down growth of GDP as well as increasing expand tensions by disparities spreading from cities and rural, and from coastal and inland, this is mainly caused by both global economic crises as well as Party-State’s imbalanced economic strategies particularly on prioritizing for exportation and neglecting the importance of domestic consumption. In order to pacify the domestic tensions, sustaining its economic growth rate and maintaining its ruling legitimacy, outdoor leisure, which has the tourism characters in traveling in the remote nature beauty areas most near the rural areas as well as its sports characteristics in physical activities during the travel accompanied
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