The Cultural Values Of Culture

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Each person's Identity it built upon the culture or heritage that surrounds them, it is what sculps us as a human being. Someone once said, “Our culture is what defines us; it’s an integral part of our lives, the way we live, the mores, traditions and customs that dominate our lives are all a part of our culture. No society can exist without culture. Our attitudes, values, goals, food, art, literature, music and social beliefs are all the offshoots of our culture.” On a daily basis we are taught or demonstrated how we define ourselves to society by our looks and actions. Ever wonder why? There are factors that influence our perspective, but culture is the most important element, it forms the way we view the world, its how far we are willing to take our culture into consideration. From birth you are giving a name with significant meaning to either your mother or father. From the moment you blow out our candles on your birthday, it is consider a ritual. All things contribute to building your morals, values, and ideas. My parents have taught me respect and values towards people as well as myself, to always put family first and wants last. They have always told me to never take my culture and morals for granted and to always appreciate them. In Everyday Use by Alice Walker, gives a perfect example on how not to treat your culture. Dee the oldest daughter left home to go to the city because she thought that the country wasn't her style and hated it there. One day out of the blue
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