The Culture At Lincoln Electric Company

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The culture at the Lincoln Electric Company would be described as a strong one. A company culture can be strong or weak influence on the employees of a work place. A company culture can also be a positive or a negative aspect to a company’s bottom line. For example: it would be possible for a company to have a weak culture in management, but lucky with employees who are hardworking and need little direction. This is not the case at Lincoln Electric but I used it as an illustration. In the eyes of the employees interviewed in the case study it seems the strong influence of culture is a positive one in their lives, and is achieving what the company has set out to do.
The continuing influence of the founders of Lincoln Electric can be seen
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The atmosphere directly controls in part the behavior of the employee. The culture that has been created and cultivated at Lincoln Electric is very intentional. There are a variety of different company profiles that can be created. To use the language from our text book in my opinion this company profile has characteristics from two of the possible seven profiles from the text. Stable culture. Stable culture is described as a company culture that is not quick to change with the times and trends of every day, it has a centralized management system. Stable cultures can be desirable when a winning business model is chosen early on in the game. Investors seem to like them, in that they can often predict how the company will react to changes in the marketplace. Stable culture is only in part true, one of the main characteristics that is missing is large bureaucratic departments within Lincoln Electric.
Outcome orientated cultures can be defined as places that push hard to see results. People are looking for results from managers and employees. There are usually objectives posted at outcome orientated work environments, these objectives can be in the form of positive sales numbers or in the amount of products that a place can produce. Both sales and manufacturing numbers at Lincoln Electric are posted and evaluated. It is part of the companies’ bonus policy to offer something at the end of the year when these goals are met. It is also unfortunately part
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