Heavy Metal Music Observation And Research

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People who listen to heavy metal music are often seen as a minority group in most cultures and countries, but is it possible that heavy metal music listeners have a distinct culture of their own that transcends the dividing lines of nations? This paper is intended to research and report the similarities between heavy metal listeners across the world. In order to do that I will be splitting the world up into four major categories for observation and research: 1. The United States 2. English speaking Europe (Ireland, Great Britain) 3. Non-English speaking Europe (Finland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, etc.) 4. Asia (India, Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, etc.) I do realize that this leaves out some key areas like The Middle East, …show more content…

In most non-English speaking European nations tobacco use is almost considered a national pastime. In countries like France and Italy smokers are a majority of the population in general, so the metal fans do not really stand apart from the cultural norm. In Asian countries smoking is more socially acceptable than in English speaking countries, but there is a slightly higher rate of smokers who are metal fans over smokers in the general population. The surveys that have been done in Asian countries point to a higher rate of hero worship and idolization; being that many heavy metal musicians smoke and are heroes to their fans this hypothesis makes a lot of sense. Most cultures also have a manner of dress that is recognizable (although this is becoming rare due to the current globalization trend… with the 4 different cultural groups that this paper is focusing on the fashion trends are almost identical). Most heavy metal listeners tend to wear darker clothes (usually blacks and reds), but due to the culture stressing individuality and truth, the actual manner of dress can vary quite a bit from metalhead to metalhead. At a concert (no matter which cultural area it’s in) the most common attire for a fan is a black band t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Heavy metal fans also tend to have more piercings and tattoos then non-metal fans (many long time fans will actually incorporate bands

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