The Cumberland University 's History And Its New Partnership Initiatives

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The Cumberland University’s history and its new partnership initiatives led me to apply for the position of President. The position of President is an outstanding opportunity. This position would allow me to share my 20 years of higher education experience successfully leading and working collaboratively with the community, institutional leadership, faculty and staff. The position of President would also allow me to contribute in a significant way to advance the institution’s mission. The Cumberland University community is in the process of identifying a new President that can build on its historical background and move the institution forward. I believe that my professional experiences and academic background would make me a promising candidate for this position. For over 20 years, I have accepted higher education administrative opportunities that would allow me to advance to the position of President. I would like to share some of my experiences successfully leading organizational strategic planning processes. My leadership of those strategic processes led to the implementation of processes that moved the organization in the direction that was appropriate for a changing economic environment. My ability to think strategically and develop collaborative relationships contributed greatly to my ability to successfully implement new organizational initiatives as well. If you consider my current position as the Academic Dean, I must think strategically to implement new

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