The Current Crop Of Employees Essay

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Weakness – Opportunities To achieve effective change, change managers should encourage employees ' participation as much as possible. It should be brought into people management culture in the company. The current crop of employees would be well suited with Leaders who are more apt at transformational styles of leadership. Poor employee relations history can be countered through and improved people process that will look into treating individual employees in a more personal level. The management planning to implement change should consider the effect of the change on employees as well as their resistance and reaction on it. An explanation for what is behind the change by management should be taken into account and should be motivated and explained.At the same time, inability to adapt to innovation and change can be mended through technological advancement. Strategy Implementation on British Airways In relation to business customers, British Airways will need to start considering the option of putting more focus on bringing more value towards services at the same time, passengers on a budget are a majority of air travellers today they are also a part of the most exciting market in air travel today. Growth in the market is easily attainable as customers who are spoilt for choice are progressively conscious of the different advantages that different airlines provide while the company may not require too much focus on the budget carrier market, it would be unwise to not

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