The Current Network And Systems Of Idi ( Integrated Distributors Incorporated

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The sole purpose of this report is to evaluate the current network and systems of IDI (Integrated Distributors Incorporated) outlining some of the risks and vulnerabilities of the network as well as providing recommendations for correcting deficiencies as well as strategies for mitigating said risks to the system. Because IDI has suffered network breaches which led to the disclosure of highly sensitive data in the past, it is necessary to ensure that further breaches do not occur in the future. This document will help in that department. The information IDI has and uses needs to remain confidential, unless the IDI feels the need to declassify said information. The information should not be deleted on a
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The entire infrastructure is out of date including security patches and other upgrades. These has not been implemented at each location which causes a major vulnerability which is more likely the reason for these breaches within IDI. The equipment at the locations has proven that it is not efficient for today’s business needs as there are several instances of dropped connections and lost sales during the peak hours of business. New software will be required to improve overall performance and job duties. In conjunction to the new software, new hardware will need to be implemented to work with the requirements of the new software. The security will also needs to be improved which means that the out of date hardware will not be capable of the new requirements. The data center in Billings, Montana is a great example of a bad infrastructure. Here is a general layout supporting this statement. The data center has 14 UNIX servers, some of them are running version 8.5, some running version 9 and some are running version 11. Windows based servers are running Windows Server 2003. The office software is not uniform with some running Lotus, early versions of Microsoft Office 5, some run WordPerfect 7, while others are running PC-Write. The problem with this is that having all of these systems running different programs will prevent information from being shared among other individuals in an efficient manner because the systems may not be compatible with each
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