The Current Scenario of Setting Up a Business

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Introduction The Current Scenario The government of the state has allocated the funds for setting up the small business to promote the local investments and for the promotion of domestic products. The theme of the funds allocation is also to eradicate the overspills of globalization that are inhibiting the private investors to invest in the national economy. This fund allocation by the government will also instill a new sense of entrepreneurial activities at small sale and later on the economy will enjoy the unfolded outcomes of these entrepreneurial ideas. The Entrepreneurial Idea Being allotted with the fund I would take the opportunity to set up a small business of garments. The basic idea of the business is to setup a boutique in my vicinity that will cater the need of being well dressed. The business specifications and details are as follows Name of Business The boutique of stitched and unstitched garments will be named as "DECENT DESIGNERS". The core idea behind the formation of the Decent Designers is to facilitate the target market with the latest yet affordable garments. Setting up Capital The setting up capital of Decent Designers will be as per the government allocation: $100000. Target Market The mainstream of the business idea is to cater two distinct groups of people. The first group identified in the target market is that of the people those prefer to order in for dresses by first selecting the fabric and are cautious about the measurements. To
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