The Current Stage Of Development

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Current Stage of Development Over time scientist have been able to identify some of the main stages of the human life. Some of the major stages include infancy and childhood, adolescence, young adult, middle adult, and older adult stages. The current phase of development that I am in, or the stage I identify most with, is of the young adult. While in this period I have my own obstacles and developmental milestones that I have to go through. To get through this particular stage there have to be established goals and accomplishments.
Current Stage of Development Relating to Theories and Influences The stage of development that I consider myself to be in is the young adult stage. According to Charles Zastrow and Karen Kirst-Ashman, the authors of Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment, a young adult is considered to be between the ages of eight-teen and thirty (442). In this phase people are beginning to establish themselves in the world. I can fully identify with this for that fact that I am in college, so that I can further my education. Furthering my education ultimately means that I am trying to establish a successful life for myself. Young adulthood is also when people are at their prime physically. There maybe some issues, but for the most part I am at my fittest and healthiest. Through a stage like this, there are some transitions. Moreover, in the psychological development in the young adult stage Erickson 's physiological theory involves intimacy

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