The Day Of School

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There is a feeling that makes me the happiest. I walk home on a breezy fall day, I enter my house, and suddenly get a whiff of my mom’s favorite fall scent, cinnamon apple. I get to curl up in a fuzzy blanket, with my only worry being if tomorrow is going to be another perfect fall day. The day of school, that was as slow as a turtle, had just ended. I am on my way home on the rambunctious bus. The bus ride where all the rowdy children are letting out all their energy that was bottled up all day. Singing along with the radio, talking, more like yelling, to their friends, or just jumping from seat to seat.I am sitting on the gray leathery seat alone, which are hard as rocks, feeling my butt gradually going numb. Thinking about how this bus ride seems like an eternity. I notice that the bus is nearing the long gravel road it drops me off at, I stand up from my seat and swing my backpack over my shoulder. I start walking down the aisle; as I walk, seeing all the little legs move from the aisle to their seat so I can make my way to the front of the bus. I hear the squeaky doors open and I tell my bus driver thanks. I am outside and the fresh autumn air fills my lungs. Finally start my trek down the gravel road towards my house, I hear the crunching as I stomp on crisp leaves.I take my time walking, looking at the almost leafless branches dance in the cool breeze and watching as more orange leaves fall to the ground and scurry across the gravel. The bright orange, yellow,

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