The Death Of A Dream

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The Death of a Dream
I love my God, for he is the only one that comforts me when I sleep and walks with me in the day. I can cry out to him without judgement and he will answer me even when I don’t like the answer. I am just a man with a dream. A dream to share my life with someone. To grow old and grey with someone. I got married young to a woman who told me she was pregnant. She cheated on me and left. The ethical dilemma, do I strike first and stand a better chance of getting my children or do I wait and try to work things out with the woman that I dreamed of sharing the rest of my life.
Who am I? Where do my ethics come from? I grew up in a small rural community in the state of Iowa in the early 1970s. My Mom, my brother and I lived
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I remember hearing the words “for the greater good”: but, somehow that didn’t mean that the individual wasn’t important.
The farmer that we rented the farm from had a son, his name was Randy. Randy and I became close friends. We used to play in the gain bins behind his house. The bins were about twenty feet tall twelve feet in diameter and about half full of corn. One Saturday morning Randy and I climbed up the outside of the grain bin. Randy jumped in and sank to the bottom. I could not see him. I started yelling his name. He did not answer. I climbed down the ladder and opened the hatch to the grain bin. Corn blasted everywhere. Finally, he came rolling out. Gasping of for air, he looked right at me and said. “Do you want to go to church with me this Sunday.” I said sure.
Randy said we have to find his dad before the grain was ruined by the moisture. I told him we would surely get in trouble. He said maybe, however, this is how my Dad feeds our family. This is money and my dad says that we need every penny. We got on our bikes and tracked down Randy’s Dad. You could see he was mad. We got in the back of the truck and went back to the grain bins. Mr. Weaver hooked up a grain auger to his tractor and we shoveled the corn into it. After we were done, he looked at me and said thank you for saving my son. That is all that was said. I started going to church with Randy and his parents and soon accepted Jesus as my Savior.
My ethics or
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