The Death Penalty Throughout History

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This paper explores how society has influenced the development of the death penalty throughout history. It begins with a brief explanation of the origins of capital punishment, referencing the first known documentation of actions punishable by death. The paper goes on to explore different methods of execution and how they have progressed and changed over the years. Documented cases at different points of history are referenced to show the relationship of time periods and beliefs to the implementation of capital punishment. Finally, the development of different laws and changes to existing laws pertaining to the death penalty are addressed. The History of the Death Penalty The death penalty has changed drastically throughout history. Some of the first known written laws regarding the death penalty date back to the eighteenth century BCE (“Part I”, 2016). It is likely that some form of the death penalty existed long before written history, with a basis in customs, not legalities. The death penalty has continued to evolve throughout history, shaping the modern practices used in the United States and other parts of the world today. The administration of the death penalty has been shaped by the moral principles of those in authority and the mindset of the general public at each stage of history. This is shown through the evolution of different methods of execution, documented cases during critical points in history, and the laws pertaining to the death penalty at different
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