The Debate Of Economics Between Bentham And Aristotle

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A Debate of Economics Between Bentham and Aristotle
With all the many issues facing our country today it is difficult to pin down exactly what the biggest issue is, so instead of picking the biggest issue I decided to pick the issue that has affected people the most in this country as well as other countries which would be economics. When it comes to economics the biggest issue facing our country is that we no longer produce what we need to keep up with our economic system, so what if the philosophers that created the ideas and basic principles so long ago were around now, and furthermore, what if they were running for the two thousand sixteen presidential election? In the following I will present a debate between the famous philosophers Bentham and Aristotle in regards to the current economic system.

First question of the debate: How would you, as US president restore the production of goods to improve our economic system?
Aristotle 's Response
As someone who believes in economic equality I believe that economic scarcity is an inevitable aspect of human nature that being said, the action we must take as a country to improve is looking at economic actions as a opportunity to use goods only as an essential for life. To conclude my answer to this question I believe that as long as goods and services are used to have helpful uses to people it is essential to our economy because if we are putting money into goods that are useless it 's a waste of money, and

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