The Debate On Abortion And Gun Control

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Since politics has existed, many controversies have come to surface and are still relevant. These public disputes have no limit, ranging in cases from domestic to international. Opinions are always expressed towards the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area. This especially applies to the debate or conflict among individuals or parties in hope of achieving power. Dealing with politics there is always a side that agrees and disagrees, thus developing the debate. Two of the most domestic controversial political topics are abortion and gun control. As for international there is terrorism. These three topics have been ongoing debates for some time. Everyone’s opinion on political controversies can be based on …show more content…

People who oppose this opinion, called opponents usually identify themselves as pro-life. Opponents assert that a human life begins at conception, so to seek abortion is equivalent to killing an innocent child. Additionally, opponents imply that abortion inflicts pain on the unborn child which is unfair for parents who desperately wish to adopt children since they cannot conceive biologically. Surprisingly, there is an even amount of people on both sides of this topic, but there are more proponents than opponents by only 2%. Being a female in today’s society, I personally do not counsel abortion but it should available for women who want it. Abortions can be very unfortunate, but women should have the right to receive one despite others views about it. Actually, studies show that only 52 percent say they know someone who has had an abortion (Traister). There are far bigger issues to worry about than whether if a woman wants to keep her child or not. Essentially, nobody should be telling anybody how to live their life. I do not agree with extremists against abortions because they harshly judge women who get abortions, calling them “killers”, or telling them they will go to hell. Everyone makes mistakes and we are all not perfect. Additionally, there can be many reasons behind why a woman wants an abortion such as the fear of transmitting STD’s, living in an abusive house or dangerous area, birth defects, being raped, or not being

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