The Decision-Making Process Of The Advanced Audio Production

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Production Phases Introduction. The report summarizes the process of a production done, as part of the Advanced Audio Production Module. It outlines phases of planning, recording, mixing, mastering as well as a reflection of final outcomes. This paper will also include some details and explanations of the decision-making process, based on Academic Research and experience gained on lectures. The name of the song is “Useless” and it is performed by Frankie Teardrop Dead, a local band of East London. Their music is influenced by indie and psychedelic rock music from the 60’ but also active artists such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Tame Impala. In order to direction the track in the right way, they suggested using a track called…show more content…
Additionally, this method is also “great for reducing ambiance in the overheads, and is heavy in both kick and snare information” (Dowsett, 2015) In terms of the microphones used for the overheads, a pair of “4038 Ribbon Coles” was picked up because of its flat response but mainly well vintage sound. According to “The Recording Engineer’s handbook” by Bobby Owsinski, these microphones were “used in different on countless records in the 50 and 60’s” as overheads. This way, the recording would sound as vintage as the band wanted to. Furthermore, Two valve microphones SE Z5600 were located in each corner from public’s perspective to pick up the stereo room. Besides, an SE VR2 was placed in front of drums to capture the mono image. This idea came from a previous lecture where the team placed a Neumann u67 as mono mic Tambourine was recorded using three microphones Percussion Having all the main elements of the already recorded, the band came up with the idea of adding congas plus some claps during the breakdown. The congas were recorded in stereo using a stereo pair of in XY of KSM 141. Electric Guitar. The band brought their own Fender Twin Reverb as the guitar amplifier. The recording team placed a VR2 and MD421 30 cm in front of the cabinet, as well as a C141 around 45 to cone Then, to capture
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